A lot of people are now patronizing IV Drip Treatments due to the health benefits it provides.

A surge started in the United States and the United Kingdom and few years back and a number of celebrities and athletes have been raving about the positive effects of the IV drip. Currently, private clinics and spas now offer this in the Philippines and make it widely available to the general public as well. IV Drip Treatments are now also completely customizable based on the needs of the client. One of the most popular drip treatments is the Vitamin Drip.

This treatment is usually a solution of combined vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The vitamins are typically given in larger doses than are present in vitamin pills. For example, the amount of Vitamin C (up to 25 grams) is almost 300 times the recommended daily dose of 90 milligrams. The procedure typically takes between one to two hours.

According to different researches, this treatments is effective in treating different kinds of conditions as well. Some of these conditions include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with or without Epstein-Barr virus, Chronic depression, Acute or chronic muscle spasm, Fibromyalgia, Seasonal allergic rhinitis, Acute or chronic asthma, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Ischemic vascular disease, and Acute infections.

Drip treatments aren’t just for vanity. As stated here, there are a number of conditions that it can help with. From something as physiological as asthma to something as psychological as chronic depression, these vitamin drips can help in possibly treating these things but this is not an alternative form of medication. Its aim is simply help people become healthier.


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glutathione injections
Some of its celebrity proponents? Madonna, Simon Cowell, and Cindy Crawford. Rihanna even tweeted a picture of herself getting an IV drip of what she called the “party-girl drip.”
glutathione injections
Forget your good old five a day, Miley Cyrus proves you can get all the vitamins you needs in the form of an IV drip.
glutathione injections
IV’s are the new IT bags. Doctors are seeing a spike in requests for intravenous vitamin treatments.