The common misconception is that the more crunches or sit-ups or other ab exercises you do, the smaller your stomach will be. That is the myth of the crunch. Truth be told, the crunch is a great exercise. However, if you’re overweight and don’t eat right, those crunches won’t do anything for you. So, here are some myths that will be debunked with this article.

More reps equals abs.

No, you cannot get abs by doing two thousand crunches a day. Abs show at around 13% body fat or lower. No matter how many crunches you do, you will instantly not reach those numbers easily. It takes real dedication to get those abs to show. You need to eat right, lose weight, build muscle, and be absolutely patient. You cannot spot reduce the fat in your belly. The only way to get rid of that gut is to lower your overall body fat. Those are the keys, not a billion crunches.

Crunches are the only workout you need to work your abs.

Yes, there are different abdominal muscles. There are a lot of different abdominal exercises that target different muscles. Try to incorporate all of them into one routine to get a more complete abdominal workout. In case you were wondering, the crunch will not help you develop the “V Cut”. It will basically show if you have well developed obliques.

I do crunches any way I want to. It’s all the same.

Most people do not pay attention to their form. Most of these people strain their neck because they move that by mistake resulting in possible stiffness or neck muscle pains. If you’re going to get it shape, make sure to do your workouts right. Wrong form can lead to possibly more harm than good. Always mind your form.

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