Lecarnita Levocarnitine 1g/5ml


INCLUSION per set:

– 5 ampoules per tray
– 5 pcs. 5cc Syringe

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Skitty Beauty and Wellness

Lecarnita Levocarnitine 1g/5ml

 Fastest, easiest and safest way to reduce weight.
 Highly recommended by dermatologist
 1g/5ml /5 ampoules
 1 ampoule every two days.
 5 ampoules per tray

 L-Carnitine belongs to the group named Amino Acid. Our body produces it to maintain
basic metabolism. It is important in fatty acids burning and transforming them into
energy. Each box contains 5 ampoules.

Benefits of L-Carnitine:
 Ultilization of energy – Fatty acids are transported more into the cells for burning.
Energy yield and you can lose more weight by exercising.

 Balanced Cholesterol level – Because the fatty acids are being used up for burning, thus
our cholesterol level will be balanced up by increasing the HDL and lowering LDL.

 Healthy Heart – Because the cholesterol level is in controled, so the risk at which
arterioscleriosis will be minimised. If a person who has exposed to arterioscleriosis and
aged, he will definately facing the risk of heart attack because the heart is using alot of
energy to pump blood through narrow vessels.

 Muscle building – For people who work out in gym, they will use L-carnitine for toning
up the musles. When fatty acids are transported and burned in mitochorndria, those fat
tissues will getting lesser and more muscle is built by exercising.

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