Have you heard about these modern treatments being offered in beauty and wellness clinics called Intravenous Vitamin Therapy/Glutathione Injections?

Recently, celebrities and socialites in the US and UK have adopted these new concepts in beauty and wellness. Numerous private clinics and spas offer these treatments and made modern wellness available to everyone. These advanced treatments have proven to be effective and very beneficial. Celebrities and athletes saw and felt the amazing effects on their health. Depending on the health needs, clinics can customize treatments depending on the patients purpose, diagnosis, overall health and the condition being treated.

These IV drip treatments and glutathione injections are usually solutions composed of combined vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The vitamins are typically given in larger doses than what are present in vitamin pills. For example, the amount of Vitamin C (up to 25 grams) is almost 300 times the recommended daily dose of 90 milligrams!

The procedure typically takes between one and two hours. Many devotees attend sessions on a weekly basis.

There are claims that IV vitamin therapy/glutathione injections are useful in treating many different conditions, including:

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with or without Epstein-Barr virus
• Chronic depression
• Acute or chronic muscle spasm
• Fibromyalgia (see below)
• Migraine headaches
• Tension headaches
• Narcotic withdrawal
• Seasonal allergic rhinitis
• Respiratory problems
• Acute or chronic asthma
• Sinusitis
• Bronchitis
• Cardiovascular disease
• Ischemic vascular disease
• Congestive heart failure
• Athletes who need quick recovery for athletic events
• Acute viral illness/colds
• Acute infections

glutathione injections
Some of its celebrity proponents? Madonna, Simon Cowell, and Cindy Crawford. Rihanna even tweeted a picture of herself getting an IV drip of what she called the “party-girl drip.”
glutathione injections
Forget your good old five a day, Miley Cyrus proves you can get all the vitamins you needs in the form of an IV drip.
glutathione injections
IV’s are the new IT bags. Doctors are seeing a spike in requests for intravenous vitamin treatments.


glutathione injections


Since we are into beauty and whitening, the Philippines has adopted these new concepts to increase the efficacy of beauty treatments regularly used in skin clinics. Glutathione is one of the main treatments being used now and it is not only beneficial for the health, but it is also believed to whiten skin with frequent use. Many beauty and wellness clinics already offer these and they refer to it in different manners:
Beauty Drip, Power Drip, Whitening and Rejuvenating Drip, Glutadextrose.



So, what’s in the beauty drip?
These are usually the contents of the intravenous mix being given:
– High dose of glutathione (usually 2500mg )
– High dose of vitamin c ( 1500mg)
– B- Complex
– Collagen
– Alpha lipoic acid
– Placenta

The health craze for receiving ‘beautifying’ vitamins via intravenous drip is being adopted by many local celebrities too.
glutathione injectionsglutathione injectionsglutathione injections
glutathione injectionsglutathione injections

Look how these popular international celebrities have transformed from dark skin to a fair and flawless skin.
Everyone can really see the difference!

Beyonce Before and After
glutathione injections glutathione injections

Nicki Minaj Before and After
glutathione injections glutathione injections

Rihanna Before and After
glutathione injections glutathione injections