Glutaredox is a groundbreaking supplement which comes in sublingual tablets.  It has a patented formulation that contains a high concentration of Reduced Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Selenium. The revolutionary Oro-FS-Release technology of Glutaredox can bypass all the barriers that decrease glutathione bioavailability. Since absorption takes place in the mouth, it prevents intestinal activity of gamma-glutamyl-transferases that destroy orally administered glutathione. It also avoids metabolic avidity of enterocytes which prevents orally administered glutathione from passing into the bloodstream. It also reaches the bloodstream by bypassing the liver filter, which would deprive peripheral organs of reduced glutathione.

Ano daw?

One thing everybody hates are uber technical answers when they ask what a product actually is. For one thing, people who do not know the technical or scientific terms, they will not understand a single thing. That is the worst kind of experience for a consumer. So, in order to prevent that, here are the components of Glutaredox and what they do for you.

Reduced Glutathione: This is your ultimate anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent.   It helps protect cells from the damage caused by harmful free radicals and promotes detoxification and optimal cellular health. It also supports a healthy liver and immune system.

Selenium: This basically protects cells from damage. It also fights off skin infections and inflammation.

Vitamin C: Do we really need to talk about vitamin C?

So in basic terms, what makes this product special without using any scientific mumbo jumbo? Long story short, it contains the 3 awesome things listed above. The star above is basically the glutathione. The new technology in this product basically ensures that you get the most optimal dosage of it. The new technology also ensures that by using the sublingual method, the drug delivers great effects in a matter of minutes.

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