bellyIf you take things literally, water weight would just be the water stored in your body. And if you get rid of it, you’ll be lighter. Things aren’t quite that simple. There are already a lot of articles that you can simply Google to find out how water weight really works. However, here are some very common misconceptions that everyone almost immediately think of before they do any kind of research.

Water weight? Maybe I should drink less water then. Problem solved.

This is actually further from the truth. It is quite the opposite actually. Water cannot make you gain weight because it is calorie-free. Yes, water has zero calories. The lack of water in the body on the other hand, leads to dehydrations that leads to weight gain. So, water consumptions is always good. Stick to the 8 glasses a day.

Okay, so drink more water. So I should avoid any kind of food that has liquids? Soups? Sauces?alcohol, background, bar

Wrong again. Truth be told, the main culprit for water weight gain and retention isn’t any kind of soup, sauce, or liquid food. Its sodium. More commonly known to everyone as salt. If you want to cut down on anything, cut down on salty foods.

Got it, drink more water and cut back on the salt. Anything else?

Carbs actually promote water retention too. Yes carbs include rice, breads, potatoes, pasta, and the whole lot. This is harder to cut back on since carbs give you energy. A well balanced diet is the key.

mod-3Got, less carbs. Now all I need to do is work out right?

Not that simple. As a matter of fact, working out, in the short term, also promotes water retention. Ironic isn’t it? The muscles need water to repair the micro-tears (No, it is not dangerous nor is it some sort of injury. It happens to everyone who does an exercise. You can Google it) that happen when you work out. However, there is a solution for that. Celldiet actually helps get rid of the excess water weight in the body and prevent any kind of future excess water retention.  Click here to find out more.

Got it!