Believe it or not, there are some people who are genuinely terrified of getting injections. Injections are their boogeyman,
tikbalang, Sadako, Anabelle, or scary little Japanese ghost girl. Whatever monstrous or ghostly thing you can think of, injections are way worse for them. Yes, some of them are fully grown teens or adults. Some people cannot just stand the thought of having their skin pricked by any form for needles. This only makes an injection or IV treatments harder.

For those said people, IV beauty or health drips are like a form of capital punishment. The term “tiis ganda/gwapo” does not really apply to them since they really cannot stand the thought having someone stick a needle in them. So, for these people, should they just give up on these treatments because of the fear of a simple injection? Perhaps not.


Glutaredox is a groundbreaking supplement which comes in sublingual tablets, with a patented formulation containing a high concentration of Reduced Glutathione, Vitamin C, Selenium and L-Cysteine. The revolutionary Oro-FS-Release technology of Glutaredox can by-pass all the barriers that decrease glutathione bioavailability. The oral administration of Glutaredox Oro-FS-Release prevents intestinal activity of gamma-glutamyl-transferases that destroy orally administered glutathione since absorption takes place in the mouth. Given its special formulation and innovative route of administration, Glutaredox Oro-FS-Release ensures maximum bioavailability of reduced glutathione in all areas.

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