glutaTruth be told, there are countless factors why people don’t experience the effects of glutathione supplements or otherwise known as gluta. Majority of the people who try glutathione products expect immediate results. Fact of the matter is, glutathione products are great and even miraculous sometimes. However, they are not not magic. You can’t jump several shades just by blinking an eye. The only thing that can do that is paint. Glutathione does not work like that. Lifestyle actually plays a major part in the process.

If you are often exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, smog and other forms of air pollution, your skin will definitely feel the effects. Exposure to these most likely will be a major deterrent for you to reaching your #SkinGoals.

glutathioneMost people don’t know that even the food you eat might even deter the effects of glutathione. The excessive ingestion of fatty foods actually increases oxidative stress. So if you eat lechon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, don’t expect to see immediate results unless you change.

Same goes for alcohol and cigarette consumption as well actually. You might want to dial down the party lifestyle if you want to get better skin. Regular drinking and smoking counteracts the positive effects of glutathione and it would just be a waste of a good product.

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