At any point of our lives, some person walks by and OH MY GOD. It’s as simple as that. We just find certain people that really sweep us of our feet with their oh-so-perfect-marry-me-today looks. So, what does a smitten person do in a situation like that? Usually, the first response is PANIC, PANIC, and more PANIC. In the end, you would probably just look like a fool and make a horrible first impression. You do not want to have that “oh, ikaw yung nadapa sa harap ko dati diba” moment. So what do you do?

Show your award winning smile

A smile really does go a long way. Nothing too exaggerated though. You don’t need to do that Julia Roberts signature smile just to get someone’s attention. Just smile like you mean it and make sure your crush sees it. Also, if you just ate, maybe you should try something else.




Unleash the killer eyescrush

Smile with your eyes as they say. If you just had adobong kangkong for lunch and some it got stuck in your teeth, you might want to think twice before smiling in full glory. Do the next best thing. Do your best attempt at some “beautiful eyes” action for the girls or that “deep brooding stare” for the guys. Be sure to smile still or you’ll just look plain creepy. If you ate, just smile without showing your teeth.

Be natural

This would probably be the last thing on your mind to grab attention but it beats looking like a fool. Confidence is always the best weapon. Just be yourself and you should be fine. It would also help if you had beautiful natural glow. Skitty Beauty and Wellness, your awarded and most trusted online shop has been selling the best glutathione, beauty and wellness products in the country to achieve that glowing all-natural look since 2006. For a list of our products, please click here.

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