The #InstantGlow finally reaches Baguio


Last August 29 to 31, the Drug Stores Association of the Philippines had their 22nd annual convention in the CAP John Hay Trade and Cultural center. Hundreds of delegates from all over the Philippines flock to this annual event to look for new products to introduce to their respective markets. The 3 day event was a whirlwind of delegates try to visit every booth present within the booth and balancing it with their respective programs and banquets. Amidst everything that was going on, the #InstantGlow was able to stand out.


Delegates from different parts of the country were intrigued by the product and the unique benefits it can give to consumers. The patented ORO-FS Release technology, which ensures a 100% absorption rate the a high bioavailablity of the product, made Glutaredox one of the best new products in the convention. People were curious how they can get the effect of an IV Glutathion in such a handy tablet.

At the end of it all, Baguio was able to get a better understanding of the #InstantGlow and how easy it is to actually achieve it.

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