Spreading the #InstantGlow across the Philippines

July 28, 2018 – Oxina Nutricosmetics has finally began spreading the #InstantGlow all over the Philippines. Glutaredox, the number one sublingual glutathione in the country, has slowly but surely been widening its reach beyond Metro Manila. There are now official resellers from Isabela to Pagadian to all the way to Cebu. Now, Oxina is looking to spread Glutaredox even further.

No automatic alt text available. Oxina Nutricosmetics invited a number of entrepreneurs to the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel to present the numerous features and benefits that Glutaredox can give an individual. This would include a boost in immune system, a boost in body performance, fairer skin, and a natural and glowing you. Those who attended were given an in depth background on these as well as more information on glutathione in general.

To entertain everyone, Ms. Roxanne Barcelo, who recently played Natalie Alcantra in ABS-CBN’s show Wildflower, made and appearance and sang for everyone in attendance. At the end of it all, everyone had a better understanding of the product and had a fun Saturday lunch.

For those interested in becoming exclusive distributors in their own particular area, you may contact Oxina Nutricosmetics via 372-2595 or oxina.co@gmail.com. You may also visit their website at www.oxina.info. Let us all help spread Glutaredox’s #InstantGlow all over the Philippines.

For more information on Glutaredox, please click here.