Weight loss secrets - Hear it from Queen P's trainer

Weight loss secrets – Hear it from Queen P’s trainer

mark-banta-3Weight loss is something that a lot of people struggle with. Fact of the matter is, the busier we get with our lives, the less and less we think about eating healthily or simply taking time out to get a good exercise in.  Then, there will come a time where reality will hit us in the face and suddenly you have weight issues. Simply put, weight problems goes beyond anything aesthetic. The bigger issue would be the health problems that come with it. Anything from gall bladder problems to heart problems can probably be rooted to weight problems. However, no matter what part of your life you are, it is never too late to get up and do something. Here are some sure fired ways to start your weight loss journey along with some advice from celebrity trainer, Mark Banta.

Eat right

Eating right doesn’t really mean starving yourselves with tasteless food or endless bowls of salad that you don’t really want to eat. If you don’t like salads, then don’t eat it. It would be as simple as that. Eating right would be all about moderation. If you want to eat rice, eat rice but limit it to one cup. If you want to eat beef, go for the leaner cuts. You want fried chicken, go for the breast part. Think of alternatives to make your food healthier. Instead of frying everything, try baking food to lessen the oil. Try to eat your fish and veggies but cook them in ways you would like. They don’t have to taste like paper. Weight loss is around 80% diet so just by doing these simple things, you can lose a lot of weight right from the gate.

Quick workouts

A lot of people equate working out with going to the gym. To add to that, some people don’t like going to the gym because they’re shy of their current state. That could not be further from the truth. If you’re motivated enough, you can workout beside your bed and it wouldn’t make a difference. There are literally tons of sample videos on YouTube. Some of them even just take 10 to 20 minutes. There are FREE programs for beginners all the way to more advanced workouts. To add to that, you don’t even need any weights or additional equipment. You just need a space where you can move freely and you’re set. There can be a whole lot of excuses to not workout but all you actually need is the will to do so and probably access to YouTube. There are a lot of alternatives, remember that.

mark-banta-4Supplement your diet and exercise

According to former Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach’s fitness coach, Mark Banta, “If you’re trying to lose weight, following a strict diet and an exercise program, daily weight fluctuations on the scale can be frustrating. It can be hard to tell if your program is working when the scale keeps on fluctuating. However, those daily weight changes are often due to water retention. Normally, to get rid of water weight, you need to exercise, reduce your sodium intake, and eat hydrating foods such watermelon, celery, cabbage, and asparagus. However, these does not always translate into significant results. One diuretic supplement that I can recommend is Celldiet. It can help you rid excess water by increasing the volume of urine. Simply put, when you take a diuretic, you feel like you need to go to the bathroom to pee more often. Celldiet contains Pineapple, Dandelion, Asparagus, Horse chestnut, and Active Seaweed which great ingredients to make you lose weight.” Mark Banta also trained the Ms. Nadine Lustre and Ms. Lauren Reid. For more information on Celldiet, you may click here. Follow coach Mark Banta on Instagram via @gymbassy.

All images taken from Mark Banta’s Instagram account.