Common Deceiving Calorie Packed Food

celldietAs they say, nutrition is a huge part of losing weight. Working out without eating the right food has been proven to be less effective as compared to being active and paying attention what you eat. Given that, there are some food that are actually pretty sneaky when it comes to how much calories it actually has. Why does it matter? Because in order to lose weight, someone has to be in a caloric deficit. What does that mean? It basically mean that you have to burn more calories than you actually eat. To achieve that, you have a limit your caloric intake. So, to help everyone out, here are some food that actually have more calories than meets the eye.
Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. SALADS. As weird as that may sound, sometimes, salad are packed with calories. BUT VEGGIES ARE HEALTY! That is actually true. Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals and are generally low in calories. What makes the salads suddenly unhealthy are the dressings. Even a simple thousand island dressing packs quite a punch. It would be best to stick to a simple vinaigrette and you’ll be good to go. Best to always check what goes into the salad first.
Hopia is a traditional Filipino snack that everyone loves. There are tons of flavors and some can easily be purchased in groceries or convenience stores. It’s easy to eat and gives you the exact amount of sweetness to quash any kind of sugar cravings you have been having. However, what you probably don’t know is one piece packs quite a punch when it comes to calories. Have one or two pieces as a treat but make sure to not binge eat or you’ll be looking at a whole lot of calories.
Fish Fillet Sandwiches
Fish is healthy right? Better than eating that overly juicy burger over there that looks totally awesome. Since fish is healthier, I’ll just order that. Frankly, that may not necessarily be true. Some burgers actually have less calories than fish fillet sandwiches. No joke. Why? Fish fillets and usually deep fried. That healthy fish is coated in batter then thrown into a vat of hot oil. The batter then absorbs all the oil. Hence, bigger calories. On top of that, these sandwiches usually have some sort of sauce that packs on the extra calories. When you’re on a diet, thread carefully.

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