Ayaw naman gumana sakin ng gluta eh! Part two!

Ayaw naman gumana sakin ng gluta eh! Part two!



So, in all fairness, you’ve probably been a regular gluta user for months now and yet, you still haven’t seen results. You are probably thinking 1. You are wasting your money or 2. There is something wrong with you because everyone else says the product is great. Well, fact of the matter is, it’s probably neither. Gluta or glutathione is really not that simple. It’s not like lipstick where in you see a shade, try it on, and you see what you get instantly. There are tons of external factors that may affects its effectivity. Here are some.

Stress is a factor. Yes, really.

In the life of a typical Filipino, the moment you step out of your home and travel to work or school, you are immediately stressed out by the traffic. That is simply a fact nowadays. That is just the start of the day. Unfortunately, heightened stress depletes antioxidants faster and once it is low, glutathione reserves get depleted as well. So in short, chill a bit.

Poor diets are also factors. Seriously.

There are people who live healthy and there are people who enjoy food. It is very simple. However, try and straddle the line between the two worlds. The lack of antioxidants from your diet forces the body to use glutathione to cover up for the deficiency. So, diet matters. Antioxidant rich foods such as berries, dark chocolate, pecans, kidney beans, and artichokes should pretty much be integrated into your diet for your daily does of antioxidants.

Vitamins and nutrients are important.

Fact of the matter is that if the body lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals, it affects the glutathione synthesis process of glutathione and it may not function as well as needed. Live healthy, but not deprived. Get all of those vitamins and minerals then reward yourself from time to time with your favorite food.

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