NuWhite: Most Outstanding Advanced Whitening Formula Brand 2014

NuWhite: Most Outstanding Advanced Whitening Formula Brand 2014

NuWhite Whitening

After almost a year of serving our satisfied clients online, NuWhite was recently awarded as the Most Outstanding Advanced Whitening Formula Brand last December 2014 by National Customers Choice Annual Award at Eastwood Richmond Hotel.

Every year, customers gather their opinion based on the service and quality of the product that we provide to satisfy their needs as a consumer. That is why, we are doing our best to reach their higher expectation as a distributor of the Most Advanced Whitening Formula Brand, NuWhite.

National Customers Choice Annual Award’s logo is considered the “Seal of Excellence” used to identify only those business and individuals who have been chosen as outstanding professionals, companies, products, brands and service provider.

Consumer Eye Marketing and research Council is mandated to conduct the customers and business survey. The top-ranked business selected are awarded the National Customers Choice Annual Award.

The following are the process of screening:

1. Open-ended questionnaires determine the names of all the companies included in the market research names.
2. In-depth brand reputation market research is conducted for each category.
3. A scientific formula is used to analyze the results and the ranking of companies.
4. The most outstanding service provider is awarded the “Top Ranked Winner” per category.

Each Most Outstanding Business award Recipient was nominated by local customers’ through the survey; then the results were compiled, sorted and confirmed. Before contacting any nominated business and professionals, however, an extensive background search on the company was conducted as part of our selection process.

The principal or officer of our company was later asked to participate in an assessment interview with a representative. Items ranging from year of experience to customer service procedures were discussed, and specific questions regarding the business’ hiring criteria of its employee, insurance coverage status and any pending litigation against the company were also addressed.